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Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation in the UK can be expensive – so why not let a professional do it? We offer quality boiler installation services at an affordable price to keep your energy bill manageable. Our engineers are experts at installing all major brands of boilers and you’ll get 24-hour emergency service, too! Whether you need installation for gas or electric heating needs, we have the right solution for you. We proudly serve houses, offices, and commercial buildings in London & area within M25.

If there is anything more you would like to know about us feel free to call us at 02081469983 or shoot us an email – we’re here to help with any questions about our services!




Choosing the Best New Boiler

Installing a new boiler will solve all your current heating and hot water problems. Boilers are much more energy efficient, and with recent changes in legislation on renewable energy production, they can also provide you with hot water for free by harnessing the power of the sun.

Getting your new boiler installed is an extensive process, so it’s important to do some research in advance.

What Type Of Boiler Should I Choose?

One of the most popular and reliable brands of boilers is Worcester Bosch Boilers who offer a range of cost effective solutions for all households. The most common type of boiler they supply are Combi Boilers that can provide both heating and hot water. Combi Boilers can be ideal if you only have one bathroom or shower room because they heat water more efficiently than conventional boilers.

Combinations Boiler Advantages

There are many advantages to installing a combination boiler including:

They reduce your carbon footprint by generating energy from renewable sources such as solar panels fitted on your roof or ground source heat pumps.

Boiler alarms, which are built into most modern boilers, can be linked to a central monitoring system. This means that if your boiler breaks down or the temperature of your hot water fluctuates outside of its normal range, you will be notified quickly by text message or phone call so that the issue can be rectified without causing any damage to your home.

If you’re looking for a new boiler installation then we have plenty to offer.

Three Simple Process to Install the Boiler

1. Get a Quote

The first step in any project is to find out how much it will cost by getting a quote. You can get quotes from us today. To get an accurate quote, be sure to tell us what size boiler you want and where the boiler will be installed (i.e., basement). We'll need these details before giving you a quote so that we know what kind of equipment is required, and so that we can also let you know if the price includes installation costs or not!

1. Book Installation

Once you've found the right pic, the next step is to book installation.

1. Install Boiler

And now we've arrived at the third and final process: installing your brand new boiler! Again, if your new system is being installed in a place where there's a current water pipe available, then all of this should be very straightforward.
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