Fire Alarm Installation

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Fire Alarm Installation

The fire alarm installation in UK is regulated by BS5389. BS stands for British Standards and 5389 is the number of the specific standard that applies to fire safety devices. The smoke detector according to this standard is a device that detects smoke by the heat of smoke particles or any specially designed smoke -specific indicator, in order to provide an alarm in advance of smoke becoming dense enough to react with the flame on an open fire.

Performing a fire alarm installation in accordance to BS5389 regulation involves installing smoke detectors according to instructions relating to spacing and height, as well as electrical wiring requirements for smoke detectors and provisions for battery backup.


At Pro Checks, we have qualified engineers who can do the installation works in accordance to the current standards.

L1-L5 Fire Alarm Systems

  • L1 fire alarm systems are smoke detectors which detect smoke from a fire and sound the alarm.
  • L2 fire alarm systems are heat detectors which sense heat from an area and warn of a possible fire.
  • L3 fire alarm systems consist of smoke or heat detectors that will sound the alarm if smoke or heat is detected.
  • L4 smoke alarms are smoke detectors which only detect smoke from a fire and do not warn of any other kind of danger.
  • Finally, L5 smoke alarms are smoke detectors that also detect heat and sound the alarm if smoke is present and there is a high level of heat.

Who Needs a Fire Alarm?

All Rented Properties According to BS5839 regulations, need fire alarms, there are different type of coverage that fire alarms provide, the basic minimum requirement for coverage for every property is hard wired mians interlinked alarms in hallway, lounge and kitchen, this type of coverage is also known as Grade D, LD 3.

If a landlord needs extra coverage then he can install Grade LD 2 system, which means having hard wired mains interlinked smoke detectors in every room except kitchens (In kitchen you need a heat alarm) and toilets. Smoke detectors should be at least 1m above the ground and installed on an outside wall.

Heat detectors are required as part of smoke alarm systems in kitchen.

Fire alarms installation may not be a job that you want to attempt yourself but it's important that you know your home is safe. Contact us and get a quote today.

Fire Alarm

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