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We have qualified engineers. This is just one of many reasons why clients should trust us with fire alarm certification. Fire alarm auditing and fire alarm certification are highly technical services that require extensive knowledge to provide an appropriate fire alarm installation. We Can Manage Fire Alarm Certificate in the UK.

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Fire Safety Certificate UK

A fire safety certificate in simple terms means checking fire alarms to make sure they are working. Under a Fire Safety Certificate, we also check what type of fire alarms you have and if they are meeting the required standards in BS5389 part 1 section 6. The fire alarm testers can also look for fire extinguishers, fire blankets, Exit signage, and other safety devices. Call Us Now at 0208 1469 983 to book a Fire Alarm Test in London for your home or business.


We provide Fire Alarm System Certification and Fire Alarms Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance Services all over the London and M25 area.

Fire Safety Certificate Benefits:

Standard benefits:

Emotional benefits:

Sleep easy knowing that if there was a fire, the alarm would go off to warn everyone in the building.

Different Type of Fire Alarm System

Our company provides inspection for all types of fire alarms and the most common are Grade A and Grade D alarm systems.

Grade A Fire Alarm System:

Grade A Fire Alarm System has the following requirements:

Grade A fire alarm system is usually required for commercial or HMO properties and an inspection is required at periods not exceeding 6 months.

Grade D Fire Alarm System:

In fire alarms, there are different grades that show how fire-resistant they are. Grade D fire alarm systems have a CEN Class 3 fire alarm sounder and notification appliances that will tell people in the building if a fire starts. A fire alarm is a device that detects fire and sounds an alarm so that people can get out of the building safely before they might be harmed. The system has to be certified and should be put in the logbook.

A Grade D fire alarm system has to have one manual call point for every 75m² of floor space, and all power must be turned off when not in use.

In Grade D there is two types of coverage LD2 and LD3:

LD2 coverage is awarded to a property that has hard-wired mains interlinked alarms in every room, hallway, lounge, and kitchen.

LD3 coverage is awarded to a property that has hard-wired mains interlinked alarms in, hallway, lounge, and kitchen.

Properties that are bigger than a studio apartment need mains interlinked hard-wired fire alarms, whereas weather to get an LD2 or LD3 coverage is up to the owner according to his/her budget.

Who can give a Fire Alarm Certificate?

There are qualified engineers who can issue Fire Alarm Certificates in England. These fire alarm installation inspectors are around to inspect fire alarms and certify that the fire alarm installation is working correctly. Our engineers are qualified to perform all types of fire alarm certifications and installations.

How long does a Fire Alarm Certificate last?

The fire alarm certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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