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What is a Commercial EICR?

A Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report is a complete assessment of the electrical installations within a commercial property. It evaluates the condition of electrical systems and installations in the property and ascertains whether or not they comply with the safety standards of the country. After that evaluation has been performed, the property owner or occupant will receive a formal document provided by the examining electrician or contractor. This document gives a comprehensive outlook on the state of electrical systems within the property, stating explicitly whether they are in good working condition or if some issues need fixing.

As a property owner, you have the legal obligation to ensure the safety of all those who enter your property, which includes ensuring all the electrical systems are safe and would not cause a hazard to the visitors. Being a property owner or manager, you are probably used to the hassle that comes with ensuring your tenants and occupants are safe inside the building. There are some things that you can’t control of course, but there are some that you have full control over. All you need to do is take the necessary steps to make sure that everyone is safe from danger. You are responsible for ensuring that you and all the staff within the property comply with the Health and Safety legislation.

After our engineers are done testing the electrical systems and installations in your property, then they will provide you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report, where you will be able to see their observations of any electrical irregularities, faults, and potential hazards. You will also see recommendations about things you could fix, as well as a rating. If this rating is unsatisfactory, then you will be advised to have serious electrical work done on your property as quickly as possible. You can now see that the EICR is a great and easy way to ensure the safety of your tenants or property occupants because they provide you with a complete electrical service. With this, you will have peace of mind for a long time because you’re sure your electrical systems are perfectly fine and can do you no damage.

Apart from the report being proof that electrical examination has been carried out on your property, it also shows you some things that could turn out to be lifesavers or “money savers” for you. It gives a complete description of everything important when it comes to the electrical state of your property. It lets you know if there are any faulty installations or wirings, if there are any potential fire hazards or electric shock risks, as well as if there are any overloaded electrical equipment or circuits. By knowing these things, you would be provided with the much-needed information with which you can prevent any possible accidents. Also, if you do not have a certified EICR, your insurance might not cover you if something happens. So, this certificate provides you with two layers of protection. One, to prevent bad things from happening, and two, to protect you from losses even if they do happen.

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EICR For Commercial Properties In London

You may know the importance of having an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) performed on your property.
But did you know that in 2020-2021 alone, there were 27,018 dwelling fires reported electrical fires in commercial properties across UK?
An EICR not only ensures the safety of your tenants and employees but also helps to identify any potential issues before they become costly problems.
Regular EICRs can save you up to 20% on your insurance premiums.
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Legal Requirements

Now if you’ve not been fully convinced as to why you should get a commercial EICR, then you should also know that the laws in England require all businesses to comply with certain electrical safety standards for them to keep their customers, employees, and property as a whole safe. These regulations are:

  1. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989: All employers must make sure that their electrical systems are installed and maintained safely to protect the people and property in the workplace. Business owners must also consistently monitor the state of the electrical systems in the building through regular testing and assessments.
  2. Landlord and Tenants Act 1985: All landlords of commercial and domestic buildings need to ensure that all precautions are in place to protect their tenants and clients from injury through electric shocks and fires. A commercial EICR is very necessary to ensure that all the systems have been tested by a registered electrician. The commercial EICR is evidence that you are complying with these electrical standards and ensure that the property is safe for all customers and employees.

These Regulations Apply to Commercial Properties Including:

1. Commercial offices and shops.

2. Public buildings like hospitals and schools.

3. Hotels and Guesthouses.

4. Warehouses.

5. Farms, factories, and construction sites

Commercial EICR Testing and Inspection

Did you know that electrical fires are the most common cause of fires in commercial properties?
With our comprehensive EICR testing, we can identify potential hazards and ensure that your systems are up to code and to function properly.
Our certified electrician team will thoroughly examine all electrical systems, including wiring, sockets, and circuit boards. We’ll provide a detailed report of our findings, including any necessary repairs or upgrades.
Trust us to keep your commercial property safe and efficient with our top-rated EICR testing and inspection services.

Why is an EICR So Important in a Commercial Building?

It is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of the building and its occupants and is a legal requirement for all commercial properties in London.
But why is an EICR so crucial for commercial buildings?
The answer lies in the potential risks and hazards arising from poorly maintained electrical systems.
According to the study, electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year. These fires result in hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.

Identify Hazards

An EICR can help identify potential hazards and risks within a commercial building’s electrical systems, such as outdated wiring, overloaded circuits, and faulty equipment.
An EICR can help prevent electrical fires and other safety hazards by identifying and addressing these issues.

Regulations & Laws

An EICR is also vital for ensuring compliance with regulations and laws.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom requires that commercial buildings have an EICR conducted every five years.
Failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines and penalties.

Legal Requirement

In addition to the legal requirements, an EICR provides a valuable resource for building owners and managers.
It can help identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved and serve as a valuable resource for planned maintenance and upgrades.

Legal Requirement

How often Does EICR Have To Be Carried Out On Commercial Premises?

According to industry standards, it is recommended that an EICR be conducted on commercial premises every five years.
However, certain factors can influence this frequency. For example, if the building is older or has undergone significant changes, more frequent EICRs may be necessary.
In addition, businesses in specific industries, such as healthcare or food service, may require more frequent inspections due to the increased risk of electrical hazards.

1. The age of the electrical system

2. The nature of the business being done in the property

3. Change of tenancy in the building

4. The condition of the electrical systems


In conclusion, not having an EICR will make you liable under UK law for any injuries or damage that is caused by an electrical shock or fire. And without this EICR, it would be difficult for you o prove that all precautions were put in place to ensure the safety of all customers and employees. Also, if you need to make a claim to an insurance company because of an electrical-related accident, they are more likely to cover the damages if an EICR is in place. Our rate for the commercial EICR is £149.99 including VAT for one fuse board.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Commercial EICR includes an inspection of all electrical systems, including wiring, fuse boxes, and circuit breakers, as well as any necessary testing and certification.

A Commercial EICR will not affect business operations as it is a non-invasive inspection process. The electrician will only need to test the electrical systems and check for any issues without disrupting the day-to-day operations.

No, a PAT test, or Portable Appliance Test, is a separate evaluation of portable electrical equipment and appliances. A Commercial EICR is a broader examination of the entire electrical system in a building.

No, a Commercial EICR must be conducted in person by a qualified electrician who will inspect and test the electrical systems. Remote inspections are not possible as the electrician needs to physically access the electrical systems.

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