Fire Risk Assessment in London for Landlord & Commercial Properties

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What is Fire Risk Assessment Services?

Fire safety is an important thing to think about. Fire risk assessments are done by a fire safety assessor who will come into your home, discuss with you where the risks in your house are and how they can be fixed, and then compile this information into their report. The fire assessor will look into your fire exit signage, Fire Alarm system, Fire Doors, and Fire extinguishers to make sure your property doesn’t have any risks of fire.

Fire risk assessments are necessary for your residential or commercial properties if any of the following applies to you 

You have a Home for Multiple Occupants (HMO) with 3 or more people, and there is no fire alarm system.

Why Choose Us Among Fire Risk Assessment Companies Near Me?

Pro Checks is a London-based company that has NEBOSH qualified Fire Risk Assessors and we cover all over the London M25 area. We are passionate about making our Clients’ lives safer with our Fire Risk Assessment services, which means we have to be both knowledgeable and professional in everything we do. Our team consists of expertly trained professionals who are committed to achieving excellence by providing outstanding customer service; implementing innovative solutions; setting high standards for quality; continuously improving through training programs and adhering to strict safety guidelines.

As an independent company, we have no ties to any particular system or manufacturer so you can be sure that our advice will always be impartial.

A full report detailing what needs to be done in order to bring the premises up to compliance with current legislation.

Current UK Legislation

Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, a Fire Risk Assessment is compulsory for any business. It will be mandatory for all businesses to have Fire Risk Assessments in place. Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, Fire Authorities were also given powers to serve an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice on a premise which contravenes the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Here at Pro Checks, we offer Fire Risk Assessments to meet the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. Our assessors are highly experienced and knowledgeable offering compliance by delivering a top-quality professional service.

How often must they be done?

Under law there is no specific time period for the time duration of Fire Risk Assessment in London. However, it is a requirement to undertake one as soon as possible after the change of occupancy occurs in any business premises.

The Fire Safety Risk Assessor must assess:

The use and storage of combustible materials on the premises;

The presence or foreseeable potential for any fire;

The means of escape in the event of a fire;

The presence or likely occurrence of other risks to health and safety including flooding or structural inadequacies; and the measures are taken to eliminate those risks.

The importance of Fire Risk Assessments Services

Fire Risk Assessments in London are necessary for buildings that are over three stories high. FRA ensures compliance with the Fire and Fire Safety Order, 2005 which governs the design, maintenance, and use of premises. Fire risk assessments also help to provide a means to reduce fire risks on-premises, while complying with legal requirements. It also helps to improve fire safety knowledge and understanding of people who live or work in the building where it is conducted. FRA can be completed by an individual or a professional team. It requires adequate expertise and knowledge of all aspects relating to fire safety for the premises concerned: whether it is historic or contemporary, commercial or residential, built from stone or steel, etc., as well as knowledge of the Fire and Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire Risk Assessments are not always required as they depend on the type of premises in question.

1-3 Bedrooms

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To Arrange an FRA

Our Fire Safety assessor can visit you, whether it be in London or M25, and will advise you on fire safety. Book an appointment today or call us at 02081469983

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