Landlord Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

A guaranteed rent scheme can be an excellent option for landlords in London who are looking for a way to ensure that they always receive their rent payments on time. With a guaranteed rent scheme, tenants are required to make their rent payments directly to the scheme operator, rather than to the landlord. This can help to reduce the hassle and potential stress of having to manage rent payments yourself. Additionally, it can provide peace of mind in knowing that you will always receive your rent payments on time, even if the tenant falls behind or stops paying altogether.

Additionally, you may also be able to receive guaranteed rental payments for a period of time after the tenant has moved out. This can provide valuable financial security and peace of mind, especially in cases where tenants move out unexpectedly or stop paying altogether.

How does guaranteed rent work?

After signing a rental agreement with you, we become your tenant, ensuring that you receive a steady rental income even if the property is empty or the tenant stops paying.

We sublet the property after vetting the suitable tenants we can trust to care for your AST (Assured Short-Hold Tenancy) agreement, as we are the person who will guarantee you your monthly rent. We’ll take on the financial burden if they quit paying, decide to leave without notice, harm the property, or force us to issue an eviction order in order for us to remove them.

Rental Agreement

We negotiate a contract with you to maintain your property for a set length of time. As a consequence, we will protect you from losing thousands of pounds if any bad circumstance occurs as the result of the tenant owing rent, or other costs related to difficult tenants such as eviction.

What other benefits will you get?

We can rent the property for one to five years. On the house, you may expect to get market-value fees. Every month, our firm will pay you rent on the same day, guaranteed. We’ll pay you even if the property is vacant and we handle any evictions for you. Any damage or repair costs are covered by us.


There is no cost for using our Guaranteed Rent service. The rent agreed upon is the rent you will be paid.

Guaranteed Rent
For The Whole Year

You get paid even if your property is unoccupied or vacant with no rent breaks or rent stops, ensuring high yields.


Every month, our expert professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and send you a copy of the report.

No Utility Bills Or
Council Tax

We won't charge you utility bills council tax.

Free Property Management Service.

We also provide free property management services in addition to our assured rent program. This includes, among other things, regular maintenance and repairs, as well as addressing any tenancy concerns that may arise. You may rest confident that your property is being handled by professionals with our team of skilled experts.

Free Safety Inspection Reports

We provide free safety inspection certificates to confirm that the properties meet requirements. This service is essential for landlords who want to ensure that their property is up to code and in accordance with all safety laws. You may rely on our guaranteed rent plan to know that your home will be looked after properly and you will receive your rental payments on time, every time, with our no-obligation guarantee.

Which Areas Do We Cover?

We cover all over London and M25 areas.