Fuse-tactic! A Look at the Latest Trends in Fuse Box Installation in London

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Fuse Box Installation in London

Fuse box is the heart of your house’s electrical system, and it usually contains all connecting points for circuits. It usually terminates in fuses that are set to specific amps depending on the load that is required on each circuit. The fuse box and the consumer unit perform the same function of distributing electricity within a building through multiple circuits, and then immediately switching off the power when an overload happens in one of the circuits. This scenario of overloading and switching off is referred to as tripping.

Fuse Box Installation:

  1. Consultation: Our team will come to your home and assess your current electrical system to determine the best type of fuse box for your needs.
  2. Planning: We will create a detailed plan for installing your new fuse box, ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained.
  3. Disconnection: Our technicians will safely disconnect the power supply to your old fuse box before proceeding with the installation.
  4. Installation: Your new fuse box will be expertly installed by our skilled technicians, ensuring a precise and efficient process.
  5. Testing: Our team will thoroughly test your new fuse box to ensure it works properly after installation.
  6. Cleanup: We will leave your home clean and tidy without evidence of the installation process.

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When tripping occurs, the consumer unit will turn off the power by using the circuit breaker linked to the overloaded circuit. It will then turn itself to the off position, which will allow for easy identification of the faulty circuit. Once that circuit has been fixed, then the circuit breaker can be switched on again, and the power will be restored. Instead of the circuit breakers in the consumer unit, a fuse box utilizes fuses. Each fuse has a wire that will melt if there is an electrical overload, and that will make the circuit trip and turn off if the power is switched off.

The mere presence of a fuse box in your home is enough to save you from several electrical accidents. The fuse box is now an essential safety feature in homes, offices, and all kinds of buildings. But on the other hand, having a faulty fuse box could be very hazardous, and it could go as far as causing lives to be lost. The fuse box can become obsolete, or it could be damaged, so it is always good to have your fuse box checked if it has been installed for a long time.

What is a Fuse Box?

A fuse box, also known as a circuit breaker or consumer unit, is a vital component in your electrical system that protects your home and electronics from power surges and short circuits. It is responsible for controlling and distributing the electrical power throughout your home and is typically located in a utility room or garage.

The fuse box needs replacement.

It is important to understand why fuses blow can help prevent future issues and ensure a safe and reliable power supply.

  1. Overloading the electrical circuit using too many appliances at once.
  2. Using outdated or faulty appliances that draw less power.
  3. A short circuit is caused by damaged or exposed wiring.
  4. A ground fault occurs when there is a difference in the electrical current between the neutral and ground wires.
  5. Lightning strikes or utility company equipment failure can cause a power surge.
  6. Age and wear and tear on the electrical system can cause fuses to blow.
Fuse box installation

Ensure a safe and reliable power supply with these 6 simple steps.

  1. Start by identifying the consumer unit or fuse box at the property. Check if the consumer unit has RCD protection or a visible burn mark on any MCBs or fuses.
  2. “Shut off the main power supply to the fuse box by turning off the switch or circuit breaker.”
  3. Take Picture, And send us at info@prochecks.co.uk.”
  4. Further Check the fuse box for visible damage, such as a broken wire or burn mark. If the fuse box is damaged, it should be replaced.
  5. We will assess the pictures and will send you a quote for replacement of the fuse box.
  6. Accept the quote, turn on the main power supply wait for our professional electrician for further troubleshooting.

Outdated Fuse Box? We've Got the Solution

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  1. If you have an old fuse box with cast-iron switches, a wooden back, or a mix of both, then you probably need to get your fuse box replaced to guarantee your safety.
  2. If you do not have any provision for residual current devices for wiring buried within the walls, sockets, outlets, and circuits that could be used to plug in outdoor electrical equipment.
  3. If you are planning a building or renovation project including things like a Solar PV, electric shower, or any things that require some additional wiring or new circuits to be installed.
  4. If you want to rent out your property and you know that your electrics have not been upgraded in a long time.

Having unsafe electrics could put you and your tenants in danger, and also put you at risk of a large fine, civil damages, or even some time in prison. There’s no need to take that risk when you can simply get a modern consumer unit with RCD Protection fitted.

Don’t wait; schedule your appointment today and ensure the safety of your home.

Power Up Your Home: Choose the Right Consumer Unit

Do you need help determining which consumer unit best fits your home?
Here are the top three options to consider:

  1. The Dual RCD Consumer Unit with AFDD For Sockets: This unit is the new addition, providing a simple and reliable solution for your home’s electrical system.
  2. The Dual RCD Consumer Unit: This unit offers added protection with two residual circuit devices, providing increased safety for your family and home.
  3. The High-Integrity Consumer Unit: This unit is ideal for homes with high electrical demands, providing maximum protection and reliability. Don’t wait; upgrade your home’s electrical system today with one of these top-performing consumer units. Your family’s safety is worth it.

Legal Requirements

The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985, as well as several other statutory regulations, state that all electrical equipment must be safe at the start of every tenancy and should be maintained in a safe condition through the period of tenancy. The landlord must have a valid electrical certificate, a PAT certificate, as well as an EPC in London before renting or leasing the property. If you fail to comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 as well as the Consumer Protection Act 1987, it is a criminal offense, and it could result in:

1. Six months imprisonment

2. A fine of £5,000 per item that does not comply

3. Invalidation of property insurance

4. Tenants could sue you for civil damages

5. Possible charges of manslaughter if there are any deaths

And if you are thinking that there is no way an accident could take place on your property, think again because electrical accidents happen way more times than you would think. It is estimated that around 70people die every year from electrical accidents with over a million injured. Also, about 50% of fires in all UK homes are caused by electrical faults. That 50% is equivalent to over 20,000 fires in a year, and almost all the electrocutions in the home and 20% of the fires caused by electric faults could have been prevented with an RCD protection. RCD(Residual Current Device) is an essential safety device that switches off electricity in less than a second if you get an electric shock. Old fuse boxes do not have RCDs, so they take much longer to switch off the electricity. That time in between could be the difference between a little electric shock and a fatal electrical accident.

When you get your fuse box replaced, it is highly unlikely that you would need any other work to be done on your electrics even if they are old. The most likely other work, if there is to be any, is earth bonding. It is compulsory under UK wiring rules that earth bonding is present before any electric work can be performed.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Fuse Box

  1. Upgrading to a new RCD-protected fuse box will make your home much safer and protect you from the risk of electrical shocks or fires.
  2. A consumer unit that has been installed and certified correctly will improve your all-around electrical safety.
  3. An RCD could be a lifesaver for you because it is designed to stop you from receiving an electric shock. A significant percentage of homes in the UK do not have an RCD installed, and this puts all the occupants at risk of going preventable electrical accidents.

Fuse Box

£ 480
  • Our prices vary on the size of the fuse and how many you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuse box installation costs vary depending on the job's unit type, location, and complexity.

Fuse box replacement can take half a day but may vary depending on property size and wiring condition.

It is recommended to replace a fuse box every 10 to 15 years or if it is showing signs of wear and tear.

An old-fashioned fuse box typically has a wooden back or plastic back and ceramic fuses, whereas modern units have metal enclosures and circuit breakers.

The cost of RCD fuse box installation varies depending on the job's unit type, location, and complexity. A consumer unit upgrade with dual RCD and MCBs can cost around £590, including labor and certification.

The cost of a new fuse box installation in the UK can vary widely, depending on the job's unit type, location, and complexity. Fuse box replacement with circuit breaker can cost an average of £590 (£75 for removal + £80 for new unit + £230 - £400 for labor) or £52.50 plus labour for circuit breaker replacement only.

A fuse box is an older version of the electrical consumer unit; it contains fuses to protect circuits from overloading. A consumer unit is a modern version; it contains RCDs, MCBs, and also protective devices.

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