Electric Diagnostics

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Electric Diagnostics

Electrical testing is performed to ensure that all electrical installations in a premises work according to the regulatory standards. This would also make sure that people and companies avoid any penalties for non-compliance with these regulations. Under the Occupier’s liability act of 1984, it is stated that the duty of care of the property owner is not limited to just the tenants, but also to anyone who may encounter the property, so all possible safety checks and precautions must be put in place.

There is a wide range of physical and visual assessments that can be performed by electrical engineers, and through these checks, you will be able to avoid major security and health risks like electric shocks and fires. It has been discovered that electrical appliances and installations seem to deteriorate over time because of the overloading of technical systems. However, through regular electrical testing, you would rest assured that all potential risks will be identified and dealt with accordingly. Some organizations like insurance companies make it mandatory for their clients to perform electrical testing on their insured properties frequently, and if it is not completed within a specific period, then the insurance agreement would become invalid. When you perform an electric test it usually includes:

1. Identifying any defective electrical circuits.

2. Detecting any electrical circuits in the case of overloading.

3. Identifying any lack of bonding and earthing.

4. Bringing out information about potential fire hazards or electric shocks.

Pricing & Included Services

Our prices are £93.60 per hour for fault diagnostics, and we also perform a range of other diagnostic services. These services include:

Consumer Unit Installation:

It could be quite complex to be a new consumer unit installed, especially in commercial properties. If you have decided to replace your old consumer unit, then you want to ensure that you get the new one installed by a professional electrician, and there’s no better place to look for one than here. Because of how important the fuse board is to your house, a bad job installing the new fuse board could put you and your home in a very dangerous position. You could be at risk of electrical harm, so you need to get it properly installed by competent electrical engineers. There are several reasons why you may need to change your fuse box; it could be overloaded, the wiring might be in poor condition, or you might just need an upgrade. Getting your electric checks done is very important if you want to spot such minor issues before they become major.

Earth Bonding:

In a typical building, there will be several services apart from the electrical supply that would need metallic connections in their design and in turn, earth bonding. Things like gas piping, water piping, and so on require earth bonding. Earth bonding is so important because, in the case of a fault, it takes the fault current back to the safety device and cuts the electrical system to stop any possible damage.

Electrical Rewires:

Electrical rewiring could be a tedious process, but our electrical engineers would get it done in next to no time. Electrical rewiring involves replacing some or all of the electrical wiring in a building, including wires linked to lights, sockets, and even the fuse board. There is no specific answer as to when exactly one should have this electrical rewiring done on their property but on average they are carried out almost every 25years. Electrical wiring is primarily carried out when you have outdated wiring or even when there is a recurring electrical problem like tripping.

Socket Installation:

All your electrical socket needs including socket outlets, supply feeds, and many more can be done by professional electrical engineers. We can help you out from the design stage down to the installation. We ensure that you have the best value for your money and also provide full safety when we install your sockets.

socket installation

Shower Circuit:

We perform a wide range of shower circuit installations, from pipework to electrical connections, and even helping you find the best equipment to fit your taste and budget. We ensure that you get the best materials you can with the budget, and always leave you happy on completion of the shower installations. While installing the shower circuit, we always consider what type of shower you want as well as how much power you wish for it to generate. This will help us determine the type and size of MCB we need to use for your shower because picking the wrong one could lead to the cable burning out as well as other potential safety risks. Your shower circuit will also require an RCD being fitted into it because it will be a high-risk zone, and all electricity must trip off in less than half a second to ensure your safety. To make sure that the shower circuit will function perfectly well, you need to have it installed by a competent electrician because a faulty installation could cause serious harm to the user. So it is important, even with all electrics, that you do not try to substitute your safety for a few pounds. No need for you to suffer the consequences of a poor installation.

Spotlight installation:

Spotlights are also referred to as downlights. Getting some is a very stylish way of providing any room with illumination. It is a great choice to light up the kitchen, where you can use it under the units or even over the worktop. There are different types of downlights available including:

  • Recessed downlights: Which are the most popular and are regularly used in houses, office buildings, and so on.
  • Surface downlights: Which are used in houses or commercial buildings where recessed ceiling installation can not be done, for example, places with concrete ceilings.
  • Pendant luminaries: They are chosen primarily for their aesthetic value as they hang from the ceiling.
  • Semi-recessed downlight: In these, the main body of the light is hidden in the ceiling, and it is used for homes or buildings that want to have a feature ceiling.

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