Get Multi-Channel Alerts for Due Performance Certificates

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In the UK, residential performance certificates, commonly known as Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), play a crucial role in the housing market. These documents provide valuable information about the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). For homeowners in London and across the country, an EPC is not just a piece of paper; it’s a reflection of how energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective their home is.

Having an up-to-date EPC is particularly important for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a legal requirement for anyone selling or renting out a property to have a valid EPC available to potential buyers or tenants. This means that keeping your certificate current is not just about compliance, but it’s also about being prepared for future property transactions.

Moreover, the information contained within the EPC can significantly influence the appeal of your property. A higher energy efficiency rating can make your home more attractive to prospective buyers or renters, potentially leading to quicker sales and higher property values. On the flip side, a lower rating can highlight areas where your home could benefit from energy-saving improvements, which, while initially requiring investment, can lead to substantial savings on energy bills in the long run.

Timely renewal of your EPC is also a step towards contributing to the UK’s broader environmental goals. By ensuring your home is as energy-efficient as possible, you’re not only saving money but also reducing your carbon footprint, playing a part in the collective effort to combat climate change. To not miss any updates on your performance certificate, Prochecks provides multichannel alerts so you can keep your energy performance certificates updated.

The Importance of Timely Notifications

At Prochecks, we understand that managing the many facets of property ownership can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to staying on top of legal requirements such as keeping your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) up to date. That’s where the importance of timely notifications comes into play. Ensuring that homeowners are promptly informed about their certificate expirations is crucial for maintaining compliance, energy efficiency, and ultimately, the value of their property.

Email Notifications

Email notifications stand out as an effective and detailed method of communication for EPC renewals. Prochecks leverages this channel to send personalized alerts to homeowners, providing them with all the necessary information regarding their upcoming EPC expiration. These emails are designed to be informative, offering a clear overview of the steps required for renewal and highlighting the implications of not renewing the certificate in time.

Each email notification includes:

  • A clear reminder of the expiration date of the current EPC, ensuring homeowners are aware of the timeline they need to work within.
  • Guidance on how to renew the EPC, including a list of accredited assessors who can conduct the energy performance evaluation of the property.
  • The potential benefits of maintaining an up-to-date EPC, such as improved energy efficiency, enhanced property value, and compliance with UK housing regulations.
  • The consequences of non-compliance, detail how failing to renew the EPC can lead to legal penalties, affect the property’s marketability, and possibly result in higher energy costs due to unidentified inefficiencies.

Phone Calls and SMS

In addition to email notifications, Prochecks recognizes the power of direct communication through phone calls and SMS. These channels offer a more immediate and personal touch, ensuring that homeowners do not overlook the critical task of renewing their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). By incorporating these methods into our omnichannel notification strategy, we aim to cater to various communication preferences and increase the likelihood of timely EPC renewals.

Personal Phone Calls

A phone call from a Prochecks representative provides a personal touch that many homeowners appreciate. It allows for a two-way conversation where any questions or concerns about the EPC renewal process can be addressed on the spot. During these calls, our team can explain the importance of keeping the EPC current, discuss the steps required for renewal, and even assist in scheduling an assessment if necessary.

Automated SMS Reminders

For those who prefer quick and concise communication, automated SMS reminders serve as an effective nudge. These messages are designed to deliver essential information in a clear and direct manner, reminding homeowners of their EPC’s impending expiration date and providing straightforward instructions on how to initiate the renewal process.

WhatsApp Messages

At Prochecks, we recognize the significance of keeping our customers well-informed and supported, especially when it comes to the timely renewal of their Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). To achieve this, we have integrated WhatsApp into our suite of customer support tools, utilizing its widespread popularity and convenience to maintain open, effective communication with homeowners.

Prochecks Utilizes WhatsApp for Effective Communication

We utilize WhatsApp to send timely reminders and updates about EPC renewals directly to our customers’ smartphones. This approach not only ensures immediate delivery but also capitalizes on the platform’s broad acceptance and ease of use. Using WhatsApp as a customer service (whatsapp als klantenservice) tool helps in sending notifications that outline customers’ EPC status, renewal deadlines, and straightforward instructions on how to proceed with their renewal. This method is supplemented by the ability for customers to quickly reply, ask for further assistance, or clarify details, making the renewal process as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

Moreover, WhatsApp allows Prochecks to personalize communication, catering messages specifically to each homeowner’s needs. This personal touch, combined with the platform’s capacity for sending multimedia content like step-by-step guides or instructional videos, enhances the customer experience. Homeowners can easily understand the renewal process, access helpful resources, and stay informed about their energy efficiency measures.


At Prochecks, we streamline the EPC renewal process for homeowners by utilizing a comprehensive omnichannel communication strategy. By integrating emails, phone calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages, we ensure timely and personalized alerts that cater to every homeowner’s preference. This approach not only facilitates compliance and energy efficiency but also underscores our commitment to exceptional customer service and environmental sustainability. Through our efficient and adaptable notification system, Prochecks makes staying updated on EPC renewals effortless and secure for homeowners across the UK.

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Pro Checks Authors

Pro Checks Authors

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