How to Safely Rewiring a House: Comprehensive Guide

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Do you need electrical rewiring a house for you? It’s simple, we can help by providing the necessary steps.

The purpose of frequent house rewiring is to provide safety, and convenience and to improve the modern lifestyle.

Nowadays, electrical rewiring is essential to our homes to upgrade our modern lifestyle. This article will be your ultimate guide to rewiring your house.

You will learn about up the surface, below the surface, and the secrets of rewiring your home from the first start to the very end.

Does my house need rewiring?

It is not too hard to determine whether your house needs electrical rewiring. The most common signs that show a need for electrical wiring are:

A tripped breaker or circuit breakers, sparks near the plug-in wall outlets, failure of electrical equipment like lights, and appliances. These problems can cause fires if they are ignored; electrical wiring is a necessity.

It is important to know that electrical issues are serious matters because they can lead to fires or other fatal accidents if they continue unresolved. Do not wait any longer.

The answer to your question of whether your house needs an electrical rewiring update is dependent on the quality of your wiring system. Whether you just bought a new property or have an old one, it’s advised to hire a professional electrician.

Cost to rewire electrical wires house in London 2021

How much will it cost to rewire my house?

That’s the first question that will come to your mind when first hiring a professional electrician. Generally, the cost depends on many factors, for example, the expense of wiring a large property is much higher than wiring a medium-sized property.

More specifically, in London UK, the electrical wiring costs may change from one place to another. Therefore, you are obliged to consider all the working factors such as your property size, the place of current residence in London, and the hired electrician.

Here are the average costs of rewiring a home in London UK

  • Rewiring a house with 2 bedrooms includes kitchen and bathroom average costs in a range of £2,300-£3,500.
  • Rewiring a house of a total of 3 bedrooms includes kitchen and bathroom average costs in a range of £3,000 to £4,500.
  • Rewiring a house of a total of 4 bedrooms includes kitchen and bathroom average costs in a range of £3,700-£5,500
  • Rewiring a house of a total of 5 bedrooms includes kitchen and bathroom average costs in a range of £4,400-£6,500.

NOTE: In London, electrical rewiring for residential properties starts at around £3500 with an EICR costing up to £750 extra.


An electrical inspection of the property is called an EICR. This report helps to evaluate the electrical installation of commercial or residential property for landlords.

It provides information about electrical installations, electrical safety issues, and what needs to be done in order to make the building safe again. It also acts as evidence that electrical safety standards are met.

An EICR is a process that requires an electrical inspector and the building’s owner to work together toward identifying electrical issues in the building, updating wiring systems, and documenting each issue for reference purposes.

This report helps you as a tenant get access to electrical records of your commercial & residential property or even if you’re looking to buy a property.

Guide to rewiring a house

Understand your needs

Do your initial homework, and decide how many devices you want to plug in or use. It’s important to synchronize your electrical system capabilities and your electrical needs. For example, if your property size is more than 3000sq ft and you have a 100mp electrical panel model, it won’t match your needs.

Think about it carefully and determine what electrical devices you want to install, where, and with safety.

Do it yourself or hire a professional?

First case scenario; do it yourself.

The electrical work is usually done on walls and ceilings. If you are not too sure how to get started, it would be best for hiring an electrician first before attempting electrical rewiring on your own.

It’s crucial to remember that your electrical inspection should be done by a professional electrical contractor. This is because the electrical panel, circuits, and wiring are all interconnected.

You need to hire an electrician who can look at your electrical panels’ circuit breaker box or rewire the entire system of electrical work. Some electrical problems are more complicated than others and require professional help.

If you are not up to it don’t do it, it’s that simple. Dealing with electrical rewiring plugins could be complicated if it’s not in your work criteria. That’s why it’s advised to hire a professional electrician, and here in our company, we provide the best electrical inspection and rewiring based on your needs and budget. You can simply contact us, and we will do the work for you.

What to do before rewiring your home?

You need a plan

The electrical inspection should be done by a professional electrical contractor such as an electrician, so he can look at the electrical panel’s circuit breaker box or rewire the electrical system of your home.

It is important to know that electrical issues are serious matters because they can lead to fires or other fatal accidents if they continue unresolved. Electrical wiring is a necessity and important for safety reasons, as well as convenience such as adding new electrical plugs like TV, computers, etc.

Set a budget

“Rewiring electrical panels could be costly for some, so it’s okay to start from one side of the house and move to the other periodically.

You can also create a good working environment for the hired electrical, like moving all the unnecessary objects from the way. Some electricians prefer to work in a calm environment, and that could lower your costs.

Find an electrician

Start by asking around for recommendations. If you can’t get any personal recommendations, ask construction trade or professional associations for suggestions. It is advised to hire a professional rewiring inspector before starting to rewire your electrical system.

Moving forward, once you have at least three company names, contact each electrical contractor to discuss their experience with electrical rewiring homes like yours.

Be prepared for Disruption

If you want to have full electrical rewiring on your house, you must be prepared for the distribution that follows. It’s not fun rewiring a home and it takes a long time, some houses even take more than a week.

In Fact, it will feel so disruptive for you because it goes through two long stages or processes

  • The first process: will include replacing your old cables, wiring, and circuit with new ones if needed
  • The second process: the electrician will install the faceplates, light switches, and fixtures.


When does a house need to be rewired?

If the electrical system is outdated or there are signs of serious electrical issues the house probably needs to be rewired.

How do you know what kind of wiring you have?

If you don’t know your wiring type, give us a call and we will help you

Can I rewire my house alone?

Rewiring a home requires you to have full knowledge of the wiring system, plugins, and electrical issues. To fit the safety regulation of EICR and electrical regulation rules.

Will wiring my house increase its value in the market?

Not necessarily but its a working factor if a buyer found that your house can provide his electrical need with modern standards

Can I reduce my wiring costs?

Well, it depends on the electrical you hire, but you can try to create a good and clean environment for his work

Where can I find a registered and qualified electrician?

You can ask for recommendations or simply contact us.

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